AMAs 2013: American Misappropriation Affair 1942

I’ve always loved awards seasons; partly because I love pop-culture, partly because I love the red carpet fashion, and wholly because it provides excellent water-cooler talk for the next day. The American Music Awards a couple of nights ago did not disappoint. Throughout the show, the next-day gossip kept adding up. It seemed as if the tone had been set from the jump with Katy Perry’s geisha inspired musical number. I waited for the dust to settle in the ‘racism’ outcries before seeking out insightful analysis of the event online. Unfortunately, when I search ‘AMAs 2013 racism’, the first page results are all synopses of tweets – “Katy Perry Accused of Racism”. For those who were paying attention, it wasn’t just Katy and it wasn’t just racism (it was just mostly racism).

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bound 2 my new desktop background

The internet has been abuzz since Kanye released his Bound 2 video but there hasn’t been much discourse on its merits. As I’ve taken it upon myself to major in pop-culture studies, specializing in Kanye West, let me break it down for you. Let me start by saying I really do like the song and Kim does look really good (you know I’m going to totally negate that point in a bit so hold tight) but the video’s got issues, plain and simple. There’s the cheesy Microsoft desktop background imagery, the overused ‘America, wild and free’ ‘artist’ tropes, and then, duh!, the stupid amounts of digital alterations.

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the world’s biggest ass and the world’s biggest ass

Hey y’all – I wrote a new article for my pals at Throw On! It’s all about how narcissistic and useless Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are in the fashion world. NO STANS PLZ!

Truth be told, I’m all sorts of obsessed with KUWTK (that’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians for you cultureless peeps) and all Kardashian related TV programs. and Instagrams. and Tweets. It’s just so comical and it makes me feel really good about myself for not being completely useless. Except when I spend several hours writing 2000 words on them and then another hour making an accompanying painting…

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throw on issue 3 is here!

a couple weeks ago, i mentioned a digital magazine i would be appearing in, throw on, by my pals vince and saumaya. well the issue has been released and it is *beautiful* beyond my wildest dreams. thanks a million to the dynamic duo for featuring my photos and writing and all the work you put into the layout. check it out here –> Throw On Three

the layout of the magazine as a whole is perfection as well, and the point of view is STRONG. i strongly encourage you to check out all three issues. They all feature great insight and writing on beautifully made clothes and on trend yet timeless labels (acne and filson are featured in the current issue, for example). there’s also a killer ‘tunes’ section that is single handedly keeping me afloat in the relevant music game.

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throw on

My pals Saumaya and Vince just started this jiggy digital mag, Throw On (issue one, two). It’s slick, clean, full of enviable content and I’m still blushing over S+V’s request that I profile my personal style for the damn thing.

Here is a little teaser until the issue comes out.

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Nearly two years ago I decided I wanted to pursue a creative project. I wanted this to be a source of inspiration and motivation to chase after my passions. Hell, I wanted it to help me find out what those passions even were. Today it is finally here (which goes to show how necessary the motivation and inspiration were in the first place)!

There were a few things I knew, or at least felt I knew early on, when dreaming up the concept:

I knew that even when I was stressed out, trying to figure out how to scale an image in Photoshop for what felt like the trillionth time, I still enjoyed it infinitely more than anything I got paid to do. I knew that I felt this way because I was creating something that was my own. 

I knew that I was envious of many of the women I encountered daily. These were the women who worked in their dream fields, took risks to get there, and defined their own success. They were interior designers, photographers, writers, bloggers, and fashion stylists, among others. Maybe I was too, I just had yet to discover it.

I knew I was paralyzed by fear and self-doubt. I used to paint, draw, create lino prints, and dabble in film photography but I never stuck with any of those art forms for long. I figured, why bother? I thought my work wouldn’t be very good, that no one would like it anyway, and that i’d never be as good as “x, y, or z”.

This project is the output of that knowledge and resultant realizations. Rather than use the success of others as a source of envy, I could harness the wisdom and passion to grow my own skills. Through the process of interviewing, photographing, and writing about young women committed to their own creative outlets, I could discover my own voice and medium.

The combination of those two realizations is RadFarOutAsIf, an entire website I can call my own.