bound 2 my new desktop background

The internet has been abuzz since Kanye released his Bound 2 video but there hasn’t been much discourse on its merits. As I’ve taken it upon myself to major in pop-culture studies, specializing in Kanye West, let me break it down for you. Let me start by saying I really do like the song and Kim does look really good (you know I’m going to totally negate that point in a bit so hold tight) but the video’s got issues, plain and simple. There’s the cheesy Microsoft desktop background imagery, the overused ‘America, wild and free’ ‘artist’ tropes, and then, duh!, the stupid amounts of digital alterations.

 On imagery alone the video is so stock product. Everyone knows Monument Valley and white horses riding across the plains are gorgeous. That’s why there are so many stock images of these scenes. You could go to r/Photos right now and come across handfuls of similar photos. Trust me; it doesn’t make Redditors artistic geniuses in any way. Watching Bound 2, I felt like I was watching Tree of Life again but at least Terrence Malick managed to curate and edit his stock videos into something telling – of the majesty of the universe, the origins of life, and the compassion and fragility inherent in us all. My interpretation of Bound 2 seemed like the overdone trope of American freedom in art. Peter Fonda and Georgia O’Keefe were the pioneers of this imagery, of the old Wild West – the wasteland and the wanderers. In recent years, Lana Del Rey has reclaimed this imagery in her video for Ride. So Kanye isn’t the first to use the imagery, not now as reclamation and certainly not origination.

 Kanye’s also not the first to use a love interest in his videos but maybe he’s the first to have told that love interest that she could stand to lose a few pounds. I’ve already discussed Kanye’s propensity to bind Kim to social constructs of beauty here. I’ll just add that Kim has been so vocal about how the media has scrutinized her body during and post-pregnancy and how wrong it is so I ask “Girl! Why are you going to give in to them like that!? Stand up for something for once, damn. Kim looks beautiful post-pregnancy and hasn’t been shy about showing off her curvy figure (honestly, I fucking hate that word but she’s got hips and bust like a sine wave so I’m not using it as a euphemism) so she should have stood her ground and disallowed the use of digital alteration here.

 Plus that weirdly uncomfortable, and obviously purposeful, bouncing of the motorcycle brings up too many boring thoughts of her boring sex tape with Ray J.

Check it out for yourself: