throw on issue 3 is here!

a couple weeks ago, i mentioned a digital magazine i would be appearing in, throw on, by my pals vince and saumaya. well the issue has been released and it is *beautiful* beyond my wildest dreams. thanks a million to the dynamic duo for featuring my photos and writing and all the work you put into the layout. check it out here –> Throw On Three

the layout of the magazine as a whole is perfection as well, and the point of view is STRONG. i strongly encourage you to check out all three issues. They all feature great insight and writing on beautifully made clothes and on trend yet timeless labels (acne and filson are featured in the current issue, for example). there’s also a killer ‘tunes’ section that is single handedly keeping me afloat in the relevant music game.

and here are some outtakes from the shoot that didn’t make it into the feature:

opening ceremony dress

wearing opening ceremony dress and asos shoes

adidas and ktz

wearing adidas lounge pants and ktz opalescent top


follow Throw On Mag on instagram through the handle “throwonmag” and keep an eye out for future issues