the world’s biggest ass and the world’s biggest ass

Hey y’all –¬†I wrote a new article for my pals at Throw On! It’s all about how narcissistic and useless Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are in the fashion world. NO STANS PLZ!

Truth be told, I’m all sorts of obsessed with KUWTK (that’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians for you cultureless peeps) and all Kardashian related TV programs. and Instagrams. and Tweets. It’s just so comical and it makes me feel really good about myself for not being completely useless. Except when I spend¬†several hours writing 2000 words on them and then another hour making an accompanying painting…

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throw on issue 3 is here!

a couple weeks ago, i mentioned a digital magazine i would be appearing in, throw on, by my pals vince and saumaya. well the issue has been released and it is *beautiful* beyond my wildest dreams. thanks a million to the dynamic duo for featuring my photos and writing and all the work you put into the layout. check it out here –> Throw On Three

the layout of the magazine as a whole is perfection as well, and the point of view is STRONG. i strongly encourage you to check out all three issues. They all feature great insight and writing on beautifully made clothes and on trend yet timeless labels (acne and filson are featured in the current issue, for example). there’s also a killer ‘tunes’ section that is single handedly keeping me afloat in the relevant music game.

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throw on

My pals Saumaya and Vince just started this jiggy digital mag, Throw On (issue one, two). It’s slick, clean, full of enviable content and I’m still blushing over S+V’s request that I profile my personal style for the damn thing.

Here is a little teaser until the issue comes out.

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